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KAI KF-X Fighter Jet Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price

KAI KF-X Fighter Jet Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price – KAI KF-X (Korean Fighter-eXperimental) is a 4.5 generation multi-role fighter jet developed by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI). This fighter jet will be operated by the Republic of Korea Air Force (ROKAF) and the Indonesian Air Force (TNI-AU). The manufacture of KF-X fighter jet is done with joint financing of the Korean Government (60%) and the Indonesian Government (20%), as well as KAI and its partners (20%).

The inaugural flight of the KF-X fighter will be carried out in 2022, while the first aircraft is scheduled to operate in 2025. The KF-X will replace the old F-4 and F-5 ROKAF fleets. Production of serial aircraft is expected to begin in 2023 and the first production aircraft is scheduled to be sent to ROAKF in 2025. KAI is expected to produce 120 combat aircraft by 2032.

KAI KF-X Fighter Jet

KAI KF-X Specs and Engine

The KAI KF-X design is similar to the F-22 Raptor developed by Lockheed Martin. Overall, the KAI KF-X will be 55.12 ft (16.8 m) length, 36.75 ft (11.2 m) wide, and 15.75 ft (4.8 m) high. This fighter jet will have a weight (empty) of 22,046 lb (10,000 kg) and a weight (MTOW) of 50,706 lb (23,000 kg).

The KAI KF-X fighter jet will be powered by two General Electric F414-GE-400 engines equipped with a full authority digital electronic control system (FADEC). Each engine will develop a maximum thrust of 22,000 lb (98 kN).

The KAI KF-X fighter will have a maximum speed of Mach 1.97 (2,432 km / h) with a Rate-of-Climb of 60,000 ft / min (18,288 m / min). The aircraft's maximum height is 50,000 ft and the range is 2,361 miles (2,052 nm).

KAI KF-X Cockpit and Avionics

The KAI KF-X fighter jet will be equipped with a one-seat cockpit with tandem configuration. The cockpit is equipped with a bird-resistant canopy and windshield supplied by Texstars.

The KAI KF-X fighter jet will be equipped with an Elta Systems active electronic scan (radar) radar (AESA) radar, infrared tracking and tracking system (IRST), electro-optical targeting system (E / O) (EOTS), and radio frequency jammer (RF) ).

KAI KF-X specs and engine

KAI KF-X Weapons

The KAI KF-X fighter jet will be installed with a Cobham (MEL) air-to-air missile launcher launcher for the transport and launch of air-to-air missiles. MEL will allow the transportation of weapons at the store station in the bomb room, conformal station and traditional wing pole station. This will enable the safe launch of the Meteor or AMRAAM air-to-air missile.

The aircraft will also carry the BRU-47 and BRU-57 Harris Corporation release systems. The BRU-57 Dual Intelligent Munition Discharge System makes it possible to carry bombs up to 2,000 lbs class and is found on F-16 aircraft that fly around the world. It is also capable of carrying 1,000 lbs and 500 lbs JDAM ammunition. The BRU-47 single shop carrier mounted on the KF-X is similar to the one used on the F-15E.

KAI KF-X Price and Orders

The price of the KAI KF-X fighter jet is around US $ 50 Million. KAI entered into a temporary agreement with the Government of Indonesia and PTDI for joint development of the KF-X program in November 2015. Indonesia will make payments into the program worth US $ 1.9 billion in project costs. KAI will produce 200 units of KF-X fighter jet, with a breakdown of 80 units for Indonesia and South Korea with 120 units.

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