Saturday 6 April 2019

Boeing 777F Specs, Cargo Capacity, Payload, Price, and Orders

Boeing 777F Specs, Cargo Capacity, Payload, Price, and Orders – Boeing 777 Freighter, better known as the 777F, is based on the 777-200LR (Longer-Range) Worldliner passenger liner. The first Worldliner flight was conducted in March 2005 and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) received the first passenger aircraft in February 2006. Air France was the launch customer for the 777F version, after ordering five cargoes in May 2005. Boeing launched the first 777F in 2008 and its inaugural flight took place in July 2008.

Boeing 777F has a full payload range of 9,065 km, enabling operations between typical city pairs such as Los Angeles and London, Tokyo and San Francisco and Paris and Hong Kong. The manufacturer has announced that the aircraft is a world-wide, long-distance, twin-engine cargo ship.

Boeing 777 Freighter

Boeing 777F Specs

Boeing 777F is the sixth and newest model of the family of Boeing 777 aircraft and is based on the 777-200LR Worldliner. Changes to the cargo ship variants include the strengthening of certain aircraft structures and the transfer of passenger-related items such as windows and doors and installation of main cargo deck doors, monolithic aluminum floors and rigid cargo barriers on the front of the aircraft. .

This aircraft has an improved, lightweight, powerful cargo handling system with built-in test equipment that continuously monitors the operational health of the system and maneuver load reduction systems that help distribute cargo on the aircraft while on flight.

Boeing 777F has a high similarity with passenger models from the 777 family and shares advanced features such as: sophisticated flight decks, fly-by-wire designs and sophisticated wing designs that include scraped wing tips. The aircraft design was carried out using computer-assisted Dassault / IBM CATIA and CAD (CAM) designs.

This aircraft has a retractable tricycle type landing gear and a two-wheeled nose wheel and can be controlled. Measco and Messier Bugatti developed the main landing gear under a joint agreement. The main landing gear features six-wheeled bogies.

Control of the rear axle of the steering wheel is automatically connected to the steering gear angle of the nose. The main landing gear is equipped with Honeywell Carbenix 4000 brakes. The initial activation of the brakes during transport uses brakes to the group alternating from the three wheels to minimize wear on the brakes.

Boeing 777F specs

Boeing 777F Engine

Boeing 777F has two turbofan engines mounted on pods under the leading wing tips. The General Electric GE90-110B1 engine has a maximum rating at 489kN thrust and will meet QC2 noise standards for accessibility to airports that are sensitive to noise.

The main fuel tank is installed in the wing twist box with a spare tank and a surge on the inside of the wing. There is also a central tank and an additional fuel tank in the rear cargo room. Fuel capacity is 181,280l. Smiths Industries supplies ultrasonic fuel quantity measuring systems.

Boeing 777F payload

Boeing 777F Cargo Capacity

The maximum takeoff weight for the new cargo aircraft is 347,450 kg with an payload revenue capability of 103.9t. The aircraft will accommodate 27 standard pallets (244cm x 318cm) on the main deck, ten pallets in the lower cargo space and 17m³ (600ft³) of additional bulk cargo.

The operational design of cargo ships complements 747 cargo operations with easy direct transfer of shipments. The main cargo door on the Boeing 777F has a size that allows easy integration with 747 freighter, with the ability to accommodate a transfer pallet of 10ft (3m) between two cargo planes.

Boeing 777F cockpit

Boeing 777F Cockpit and Avionics

The two pilot flight deck is equipped with a five-screen electronic flight information system with five 203mm color liquid crystal displays including two main flight screens, two navigation screens and a machine indication screen and crew warning system (EICAS). The central control panel between the two pilots holds three multipurpose control units and a display unit for aircraft information management systems, system information, flight management functions, push control and communication.

This aircraft has Boeing fly-by-wire controls with flight envelope protection and automatic pilot and stabilization functions. The fly-by-wire system sends a signal that is moved backward to the steering pedal and the pilot control column to provide a sensory awareness pilot about automatic system activity.

Boeing 777F avionics system combines a very high level of redundancy and fault tolerance. The aircraft has three redundant digital autopilot and flight directors designed by Rockwell Collins. Three BAE Systems primary digital flight computers provide flight control limits and flight envelope protection orders. Each of the three main flight computers contains three different 32-bit microprocessors and is programmed separately, Motorola, Intel and AMD, to manage the fly-by-wire function.

ARINC 629 digital data bus connects to the main navigation system and standby. The navigation system includes Honeywell air data and inertial reference systems (ADIRS) with six-ring laser gyroscopes, Honeywell field impact avoidance systems (TCAS) and Honeywell's 12-channel global positioning system and BAE Systems. This aircraft is equipped with weather radar all colors of Honeywell.

Boeing 777F Lufthansa Cargo

Boeing 777F Price and Orders

The price of the latest Boeing 777F aircraft is US $ 352.5 Million in 2019. The first 777F aircraft was sent to Air France in February 2009. A Boeing cargo was sent to Qatar Airways first in May 2010. Southern Air received shipments of two 777F aircraft from Boeing in March 2010.

Boeing has received exact orders for 78 777F transport aircraft including: Air France (five plus three options), Emirates (8), Air Canada (2), China Southern Airlines (6), Deucalion Capital VII Limited (8), FedEx (15), GE Capital (12), Guggenheim Aviation (6), Korean Air (five) and Qatar (3). In addition, cargo airlines based in India, Flyington Freighters have announced commitments to buy four aircraft. In April 2010, 22 cargoes were shipped, with 51 orders not filled.



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