Thursday 29 November 2018

Airbus A220-100 Specs, Jet, Seats, Engines, Cabin, and Price

Airbus A220-100 jet

Airbus A220-100 Jet

The smallest jetliner in Airbus’ in-production product line, the A220-100 changed into constructed from the floor up to serve the 100-150 seat market with unbeatable performance and comfort. With huge seats, plenty of overhead garage area and large windows, it’s a single-aisle aircraft that appears like a widebody jet.

The big use of superior aluminium within the fuselage in conjunction with advanced composites inside the wings, empennage and rear fuselage - reduces weight and increases corrosion resistance, ensuing in higher maintainability. These modern structural substances make up 70 percentage of the plane’s primary structure, handing over weight savings for decreased gasoline burned, with an accompanying reduction of CO2 and NOx emissions.

Airbus A220-100 cabin

Airbus A220-100 Cabin

Boasting one of the first-class perspectives inside the sky, the greater-massive windows at the A220-100 are considerable - multiple consistent with row and the flying revel in is a peaceful one. A220 Family aircraft are known for his or her low noise degrees, imparting a quiet cabin as properly. Wide seats mixed with sufficient overhead storage create non-public area with out compromise, and the cabin control system affords crews with easy, intuitive manipulate of the aircraft’s indoors environment, consisting of entertainment services and mood lighting to make sure a satisfying passenger experience.
Airbus A220-100 seats

Airbus A220-100 Engines

Powered with the aid of Pratt & Whitney Pure Power PW1500G geared turbofan engines in particular designed for the own family, the A220-100 can join distant airports with its 3,100nm variety and first-class-in-elegance airfield overall performance. Using a takeoff discipline duration as short as 1,220 metres, the A220 Family is ideal for decent-and-high and town-centre airport operations; in truth, the A220-100 and A220-300 are the most important plane able to perform inside the restrained environment of London City Airport. From such challenging airports, the A220 Family has a integrated gain.
Airbus A220-100 specs

Airbus A220-100 Specs

Length (m)
Wingspan (m)
Height (m)
Wing area (m2)
Maximum take-off weight (kg)
60 800
Maximum landing weight (kg)
52 400
Range with max payload (km)
4 000
Cruise speed (km/h)
Maximum operating altitude (m)
12 500
Take-off field length (m)
1 500
Landing field length (m)
1 350
Maximum fuel capacity (L)
21 918
2 x 21000 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)
Passengers (2-class)
Economy seat pitch (cm)
Cabin width (m)
Cabin height (m)
Seat width (m)

Airbus A220-100 Price

The average price of Airbus A220-100 is US$ 81M in 2018. Price depends on design weights, engines choice and level of selected customisation.


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