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Airbus A318 Specs, Range, Seats, and Price

Airbus A318 Specs, Range, Seats, and Price –  Airbus A318 is a medium-range single-aisle commercial aircraft manufactured by Airbus, France. The A318 is a short bodied version of the A319 which is capable of carrying 90 to 110 passengers. The first flight of the A318 with the CFM56-5 International CFM engine took place in August 2002 and received European Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) certification in May 2003. Deliveries began in July 2003 to launch Frontier Airlines customers.

Meanwhile, certification of A318 aircraft with PW6000A engines was received in December 2005 and the first A318 powered by this engine began operating with LAN Airlines of Chile in June 2007.

Airbus A318 Jetliner

Airbus A318 Specs

A318 airframe parts are produced separately. Construction of the fuselage is connected by laser welding, so that the weight of the aircraft becomes lighter. The wing of the aircraft is equipped with shark wing tips that can save fuel.

The A318 aircraft is equipped with an air-conditioning system supplied by Liebherr and ABG-Semca. The two Sundstrand constant frequency generators provide power to the primary electrical system. Other Sundstrand generators, which are powered by aircraft auxiliary power units, can be used during ground operations and in flight if needed. The auxiliary power unit is Honeywell 131-9A or Sundstrand APS32000.

The A318 aircraft is equipped with a hydraulically retractable three wheel landing gear wheel. The main landing units supplied by Dowty pull into the wings and body fairing. Messier Bugatti's nose wheel, which can be raised, pulls forward. The wheels are equipped with carbon brakes.

Length (m)
Wingspan (m)
Height (m)
Wing area (m2)
Maximum take-off weight (kg)
68 000
Maximum landing weight (kg)
57 500
Operating empty weight (kg)
39 500
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)
53 000
Maximum payload (kg)
13 300
Range with max payload (km)
2 750 - 6 000
Cruise speed (km/h)
Maximum operating altitude (m)
11 900
Take-off field length (m)
1 360
Landing field length (m)
1 360
Maximum fuel capacity (L)
24 210
2 x 21600-23300 lb
P&W PW6000,
2 x 22100-23800 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)
Passengers (2-class)
Cabin width (m)

Airbus A318 Engine

The A318 aircraft is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW6000 engines or two CFM International CFM 56-5B which are able to provide thrust of 98 kN. It is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of 23,860 l, so the aircraft has a range of 2,800 km with a maximum number of passengers.

Airbus A318 Interior

Airbus A318 Cabin and Interior

The A318 cabin is the widest cabin in a single aisle class and has more than 95% similarity to other members of the A320 aircraft family. With a spacious cabin, passengers can enjoy more private space and relax in comfortable 18 inch wide seats. This aircraft is equipped with premium services with seats that can be turned into full flat beds, along with OnAir connectivity for passengers which shows that the smallest member of the A320 Family does not need to compromise on luxury and facilities.

The 3.70 m cabin width allows a high density single-class seating configuration for 129 passengers. A typical mixed class seating arrangement has eight first class and 99 economy seats. The main cabin has two passenger doors on the port side and a service door on the right side. The cargo room has a capacity of 21.21 m³. The small luggage door does not allow cargo pallets or containers to be transported.

Airbus A318 Cockpit

Airbus A318 Cockpit and Avionics

Flight control of Airbus A318 is a fly-by-wire control designed and manufactured by Thales / SFENA. The pilot and co-pilot are each equipped with a sidestick controller. The digital fly-by-wire system is controlled by five specialized computers and operates all primary and secondary flight controls with a combination of electronic signaling and hydraulic jacks.

Very high safety standards have been incorporated into the flight control system, with system redundancy and flight envelope protection, which will not allow maneuvers to exceed the aircraft's structural and aerodynamic limitations.

In November 2007, the A318 which was equipped with the Thales D-HUDS digital head-up display system was certified by the European Aviation Security Agency (EASA). HUD increases pilot situational awareness.

The ARINC 700 digital avionics suite of the A318 aircraft includes digital automatic flight control and flight management systems. Advanced digital automatic flight control integrated with SFENA autopilot and Honeywell flight management systems. Honeywell also supplies air data and aircraft inertia reference systems.

Airbus A318 Price and Orders

The price of an Airbus A318 aircraft is US $ 77.4 million in 2018. Prices can change according to the weight, design, engine choice, and level of adjustment of the selected aircraft. At present Airbus A318 has been operating with a number of airlines in the world, including: Air France (18), America West (15), CIT Aerospace (four), Comlux Aviation (three), Frontier Airlines (nine), GECAS (12), Iberia (ten), International Lease Finance Corporation (ten), LAN (20), Mexicana (ten) and TAROM (four) are some of the airlines that have ordered A318.

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