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Sonex Waiex-B Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price

Sonex Waiex-B Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price – The Sonex Waiex-B is a light sport aircraft manufactured by Sonex Aircraft, a company that manufactures aircraft kits from the United States. The turbo-powered Waiex-B aircraft design was first introduced at the Sun 'n Fun show in Lakeland, Florida in April 2016. The aircraft is available in tail dragger and tricycle configuration for the aircraft manufacturing market itself.

Sonex Waiex-B light sport aircraft

Sonex Waiex-B Specs

The Sonex Waiex-B fuselage was built with aluminum material. The aircraft design creates expanded space by aligning the sides of the fuselage forward. Offers comfort including extra width on the shoulders, hips, knees and legs. It also features a new seating geometry that is suitable for taller individuals.

The aircraft includes spar wing assemblies, engine angle components, and Y-tails. It was upgraded to include AeroBrake hydraulic brakes and a new universal cover feature designed to fit many popular engine options. The dimensions of the Sonex Waiex-B aircraft as a whole cover a length of 18 ft, a wing span of 22 ft and a wingspan of 98 ft². The height of the standard gear tail is 51 in, while the tail gear height is 69 in. The main tooth width is 71 in and the tail width is 88 in.

Sonex Waiex-B specs

Sonex Waiex-B Engine and Performance

The Sonex Waiex-B aircraft is powered by a 2,180 cc AeroVee turbo engine that can produce a power output of 80 hp. It can be equipped with four engine installation options including AeroVee / AeroVee Turbo, Jabiru / CAMit 3300, UL-350 series and Rotax 912 series. This aircraft has a fuel capacity of 20 US gallons.

Sonex Waiex-B aircraft can fly with a cruise speed of 210 km/ h and a kiosk speed of 64 km/ h, while the maneuver speed is 201 km/ h. The aircraft has a maximum range of 550 miles, a service ceiling of 16,000 ft and climbing speeds between 500 fpm and 900 fpm. The empty weight and gross weight of the aircraft are 620 lb and 1,100 lb, respectively. It has a useful carrying capacity of 480 lb and requires a landing distance of 500 ft and a landing distance of 400 ft.

Sonex Waiex-B cockpit

Sonex Waiex-B Cockpit and Avionics

The Sonex Waiex-B aircraft features an increase in cockpit space. The cockpit is 40 in at shoulder width and 38 in at hip. It has a height of 37 in from under the seat to the canopy. Height from floor to chair 9 in, seat height to instrument panel 13 in, and seat height to 17 in. The bottom length of the seat is 23 in. And the length of the steering pedal to the front of the seat is 18.5 in. This aircraft has a glass canopy and can carry luggage with a maximum weight of up to 18.2 kg.

The Sonex Waiex-B aircraft is equipped with the Avionics 8.5 in MGL Avionics iEFIS Explorer dual-screen avionics suite. It also includes a Dynon SkyView dual screen fast panel with integrated flight control system modules. It has a Y-stick center that offers dual controls, and an electric cover that reduces cockpit clutter. Avionics includes a dual throttle quadrant, AeroConversions trim system, ABS cockpit side panels, and cable and pushrod fairing.

Sonex Waiex-B Price

The price of the latest Sonex Waiex-B light sport aircraft is around US $ 37,814 with a standard kit. Prices may change according to the chosen engine and landing gear type.

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