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Tupolev Tu-214 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, Price

Tupolev Tu-214 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, Price – The Tupolev Tu-214 is a medium range commercial aircraft designed by Tupolev JSC from Moscow, Russia and produced at the Kazan Aircraft Production Organization (KAPO) in Tatarstan. This aircraft is a development of the Tupolev Tu-204 with higher weight and longer range.

Tupolev Tu-214 was certified in December 2000 against Russian AP-25 standards. The aircraft entered service in May 2001 with the Dalavia Khabarovsk Airline, with scheduled Russian domestic and international routes. The aircraft also entered service with the Russian State Transportation organization. These aircraft are available as first or second class passenger aircraft, combination cargo / passenger aircraft and VIP / VVIP aircraft.

Tupolev Tu-214

Tupolev Tu-214 Specs

Tupolev Tu-214 features many technological innovations such as fly-by-wire control systems, glass cockpit, supercritical wings with winglets, and available with Russian or foreign avionics. The wings and tail are relatively resistant to ice buildup, and therefore the anti-icing system is not equipped. Among the aircraft currently the Tu-214 is the only one that does not require an anti-icing wing system. During the flight the safety test was confirmed without an anti-icing system on the bearing surface and the aircraft obtained Russian and European certificates.

The landing mechanism of the Tu-214 is equipped with a hydraulically retractable tricycle-type landing gear, the nose unit is equipped with twin wheels and the main unit with four wheels. The nosewheel unit pulls forward and the main unit pulls in under the wings and fuselage. The landing gear is equipped with carbon disc brakes.

Tupolev Tu-214 Specs

Tupolev Tu-214 Engine

Tupolev Tu-214 is powered by two Aviadvigatel PS-90A underwing turbofan engines mounted on composite cowlings. Each machine is able to provide 16,000 kg of static thrust at sea level and 17,600 kg with emergency power. The range of aircraft with a full passenger load is 5,650 km.

This aircraft has an integral fuel tank on the wing, in the cargo / luggage room and also in the tailfin. A twist box in the tailfin operates as a fuel tank for automatic center of gravity pruning during flight.

Tupolev Tu-214 Interior

Tupolev Tu-214 Cabin and Cargo

The single base-class cabin configuration of the Tu-214 provides 210 passenger seats in a single 3 × 3 seat aisle arrangement. The two-class arrangement provides 164 seats with 16 business class seats and 148 economy seats.

Meanwhile, cabin configurations for VIP aircraft are tailored to customer needs. The typical layout of the VIP Tu-214 presidential aircraft includes a lounge, a bedroom with en suite bathroom and a sitting area with an office area with business class seating. The Tu-214 VIP has a maximum range of 9,200 km.

The Cargo-Passenger Tu-214 aircraft can carry up to 164 passengers or 25.2 t cargo in 26 standard LD3-46 containers. The aircraft can be converted by airport ground crew from the passenger version to the mixed cargo / passenger version or to all cargo versions in, usually, four or five hours. 18 containers can be loaded in the main passenger cabin and eight containers loaded in the cargo compartment.

The aircraft is equipped with a 3.405 mm x 2.180 mm cargo door and an internal cargo lift for automatic loading and unloading of standard containers mounted under the cargo hold. Cargo containers are sent by the airport loading system to the rear cargo compartment. The aircraft is equipped with a fully automatic container loading system with manual backup.

Tupolev Tu-214 Cockpit

Tupolev Tu-214 Cockpit and Avionics

The Tu-214 cockpit is ergonomically designed that can accommodate 3 crew members, namely pilots, co-pilots, and flight engineers. The fourth seat is available for observers or instructors. This aircraft has a digital triplex fly-by-wire control with triplex analog back-up.

Electronic information and flight systems provide two large color screens and navigation information, CRT displays for pilots and co-pilots. Engine and system data are displayed on two color CRTs on the center panel between pilots.

The Tu-214 aircraft is equipped with a digital and aviation computer system and an integrated navigation system provides automatic navigation and ICAO III-d takeoff and landing.

Tupolev Tu-214 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Tupolev Tu-214 aircraft is around US $ 74 Million. Orders for aircraft have been made by Transaero, Uralskie Airlines, Atlant-Sojuz, and Slovak Airlines.

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