Thursday 15 August 2019

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) MAX 7 Specs, Interior, Range, and Price

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) MAX 7 Specs, Interior, Range, and Price – Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) MAX 7 is the latest variant in the BBJ MAX family of aircraft, which is designed to offer high quality, mobility, and comfort for passengers. BBJ MAX 7 is the optimal combination of size, performance, efficiency and comfort. It offers improved aerodynamics, an updated flight deck, and a 40% reduced noise profile. Flying wire spoilers improve flight control and provide easy maneuverability.


BBJ MAX 7 Specs

BBJ MAX 7 has a dihedral-swept wing configuration with split-tip winglets, which use laminar airflow to reduce drag. Tip-tip winglets increase effective wing span, result in higher fuel savings, and increase range up to 2.5% during long-haul flights.

BBJ MAX 7 has a length of 35.6m, height of 12.3m, and has a wingspan of 35.9m. This business jet has an mechanically movable automatic air ladder that is integrated, allowing hassle-free boarding and deboarding. The ladder with integrated handrails can automatically re-enter its compartment under the main cabin.

BBJ MAX 7 Engine

BBJ MAX 7 is powered by a CFM LEAP-1B engine. The optimized engine core and fan, which is 8in longer in diameter than the B737 engine fan, has a higher bypass ratio.

This business jet offers a greater range than BBJ MAX 8 and BBJ MAX 9. It can fly up to 12,966 km with eight passengers on board and can last up to 12,412 km while carrying 19 passengers.

The maximum usable fuel carried by BBJ MAX 7 is 39,735l, while the maximum take-off weight is 80,286 kg. This aircraft has a maximum landing weight of 66,043 kg.

The maximum zero fuel weight of the aircraft is 62,913 kg and the operating empty weight is 48,060 kg. The interior weight allowance for the cabin is 7,257kg.

BBJ MAX 7 interior

BBJ MAX 7 Interior and Cabin

BBJ MAX 7 offers additional passenger cabin space than traditional BBJ. MAX 7 has a luxurious, spacious and comfortable cabin for a relaxed and at home experience while flying. The spacious cabin has a cross section length of 3.53m, which allows the free movement of passengers.

BBJ MAX 7 cabin is 1.93 m longer than normal BBJ. The total cabin length is 26.11m, while the total area is 82.13m². The cabin offers a spacious living room, furnished business room, dining room, private room, kitchen and bath. This business jet provides 275ft³ of cargo space under the deck despite having an additional fuel tank.

This variant offers high passenger comfort by providing a lower cabin height. This maintains a maximum cabin height of 6,500 feet in maximum cruising altitude, while the average cabin pressure that is maintained during long distance flights is 5,600 feet.

The BBJ MAX 7 flight deck accommodates a new large format display with additional graphics and an improved pilot interface.

BBJ MAX 7 cockpit

BBJ MAX 7 Price and Orders

The price of BBJ MAX 7 is around US $ 91.2 Million. Boeing received its first order for delivery of MAX 7 aircraft from Orient Global Aviation in December 2016. Seacons Trading ordered the BBJ MAX 7 during the 2018 Farnborough International Airshow which was held in July 2018.

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