Thursday 25 July 2019

Flaris LAR 1 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Flaris LAR 1 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – Flaris LAR 1 is a very lightweight, four-seat single-engine business jet developed by Metal Master, a company based in Podgórzyn, Poland. This business jet is intended for customers who need to travel quickly for business or leisure. Flaris LAR 1 debuted at the 2013 Paris Air Show. The first prototype flew on April 5, 2019. The development of this business jet was jointly funded by the European Union.

Flaris LAR 1

Flaris LAR 1 Specs

The Flaris LAR 1 aircraft is built with lightweight carbon fiber material. The fuselage features a geometric design and includes a safety parachute system located in the nose area. It features a semi-elliptical removable wing, which allows the aircraft to be parked in a large garage. The structure of the middle part of the fuselage is supported by two forms of duraluminium integral, which function as fuel tanks. The aircraft's external dimensions are 8,32 m, height 2,43 m, with a wingspan of 8,68 m and a wingspan of 10 m².

Flaris LAR 1 has a range of 2,200 km (1,200 nm) with a maximum load and range of 2,600 km (1,400 nm) with two people and luggage. In addition, the aircraft has an empty weight of 700kg (1,543lb) and a takeoff mass of 1,500kg.

Flaris LAR 1 can take off or land on a 250 m short runway or small airport. It takes 250 m for take-off run and can glide 18 km without encouragement for every 1 km drop in altitude.

Flaris LAR 1 Engine

The Flaris LAR 1 is powered by a single FJ33-5A turbofan engine manufactured by Williams International, with a thrust of 8.2kN. These business jets can fly with a cruising speed of 700 km / h (380 kt) and stop speeds of 115 km / h (62 kt). It has a maximum range of 3,200 km (1,730nm), a maximum climbing rate of 30m / s, and a service ceiling of 14,000 m (46,000 feet).

Flaris LAR 1 cockpit

Flaris LAR 1 Cockpit and Avionics

The Flaris LAR 1 cockpit is equipped with Garmin G600 avionics with a choice of integrated glass Garmin G3000 touch screen. It is equipped with an instrument landing system (ILS) and a field awareness and warning system (TAWS), which will provide guidance to the pilot, while landing under conditions of zero visibility.

Avionics also includes the GTN-750 module with the addition of the GTN-650 receiver that is right below it. This also includes the MPV-50T unit, air speed indicator, altimeter, flap, switch and fuse panel position control switches.

The Flaris LAR 1 aircraft is designed to be operated by a single pilot. This includes the radio and Garmin G600 navigation system that will function as co-pilots. A private pilot license (PPL) is needed to fly aircraft.

Flaris LAR 1 interior

Flaris LAR 1 Cabin and Interior

The Flaris LAR 1 cabin can accommodate four passengers. The cabin has one door on each side and has a multi-bolt door locking system with 11 bolts, which ensures proper air fit to the minimum door mass.

Flaris LAR 1 Price

The latest Flaris LAR 1 price is US $ 2 Million.


  1. Didn't like this one, decided to go with the B-17 flying fortress.

  2. Looks like Spam in a Can to me.

  3. Genous; compact, great for small family going to vacation land and other places that are close to home. Fuel usage great. Hanger fees low in some areas. Shorter take off and landing, great for small mom and pop runways for small towns that you can't get into with larger jets. I would consider buying one of these instead of a gulf stream that cost millions more.