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Cessna Citation CJ3+ Specs, Interior, Engine, and Price

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Specs, Interior, Engine, and Price – The Cessna Citation CJ3+ Jet business is the latest version of the CJ3 business jet in the CJ-series. It was introduced in March 2014 by Cessna Aircraft, which is part of the Textron Aviation segment of Textron. This new version features a redesigned integrated avionics suite, cab and cockpit, and a new pressure and diagnostic system. Single pilot certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2014, and has begun shipping after that.

Cessna Citation CJ3+

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Specs

The Cessna Citation CJ3+ features aluminum fuselage with anti-corrosion and lightning protection applications, and the nose radome and aircraft fairing are made of lightweight composite materials. These are installed with multiple discs and digital anti-skid brakes on the main gears, and are equipped with an electrically controlled landing gear retraction system.

The aircraft has an overall length of 15.59m (51ft 2in), a height of 4.62m (15ft 2in), a width of 16.26 m (53ft 4in), and a wingspan of 16.13m (52ft 11in). The wing area is 294ft² (27m²) and the wheelbase is 6.10m (20ft).

The maximum takeoff weight is 6,291kg (13,870lb), while the landing weight is 5,783kg (12,750lb). Meanwhile, the zero fuel weight is 4,767kg (10.510lb) and the maximum payload capacity is 785kg (1.730lb). This aircraft has a base operating weight of 3,983 kg (8,780lb) and a useful load of 2,400 kg (5,290lb).

It can carry passengers non-stop from Washington to Mexico City, from San Diego to Juneau, or from Lima to Sao Paulo.

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Engine

Cessna Citation CJ3+ aircraft is powered by two FJ44-3A turbofan engines, with full authority digital engine control (FADEC) produced by Williams International. The engine produces a maximum thrust of 12.54 kN each, while the engine repair time is 4,000 hours and the aircraft has a full fuel load capacity of 263kg (580lb).

This aircraft can sail at 770 km / h (416 kt) and offers a maximum range of 3,472 km (1,875nm). The takeoff distance is 969m (3.180ft) and the landing distance is 844m (2.770ft). Above sea level, it has a maximum operating height of 13,716m (45,000 feet) and an ascent of 1,365mpm (4,478fpm).

Cessna Citation CJ3+ interior

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Cabin and Interior

The CJ3+ Jet business has a spacious cabin with six standard seats and can accommodate up to nine passengers. It measures 1.45m (57in) in height, has a width of 1.47m (58in) and a length of 4.78m (15ft 8in). In addition, the cabin comes in five customizable style choices, with leather seats and polished wood layers.

In addition, 14 triple-paned windows provide natural light and passengers can use LED lighting systems, standard 110V power supplies, sliding privacy doors and Clarity wireless systems. It also includes two luggage compartments with a volume of 1.84m³ and a total weight capacity of 454kg (1,000lb).

Cessna Citation CJ3+ cockpit

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Cockpit and Avionics

Cessna Citation CJ3+ is fully integrated Garmin G3000 flight deck system can be found at CJ3+, while the avionics device includes three 14.1in control display units for primary flight display (PFD) and multi-function display (MFD). This suite also includes a turbulence weather detection radar, wireless media server, and advanced field awareness alert system (TAWS).

It also has an Garmin integrated cabin and cockpit phone with Garmin, a traffic collision avoidance (TCAS) II system and automatic surveillance broadcast (ADS-B). Multiple height reference systems, dual air data computers, Jeppesen graphic displays and Garmin secure taxis and digital audio systems are also included.

The aircraft is equipped with optional avionics, including Garmin SVT synthetic vision technology, SiriusXM weather and satellite radio, class A field awareness alert systems and satellite telephone systems. This also includes a shorter cabin and HF-9000 high frequency communication.

Cessna Citation CJ3+ Price

The price of the latest Cessna Citation CJ3+ is around US $ 8.3 Million. 

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