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Airbus Beluga XL Interior, Capacity, Cockpit, Specs, and Price

Airbus Beluga XL Interior, Capacity, Cockpit, Specs, and Price – Airbus Beluga offers a unique way to transport large air cargo by displaying one of the most cargo spaces of all civilian or military aircraft flying today. Beluga also known as Super Transporter A300-600ST, the five Beluga air transportation companies in the company play a key role in maintaining production and assembly lines operating at full capacity with overall fleet operating rates growing to support increased production. The large capacity of Airbus air transportation will be further strengthened by the new generation Beluga A330 based on the Beluga XL family, which was launched in November 2014.

Airbus Beluga XL (Airbus A330-743L) is a large transport aircraft which began operations in 2019. The aircraft is based on the A330 aircraft, to become the successor of Airbus Beluga. XL has extensions on the top of aircraft such as Beluga. This is being designed, built and will be operated by Airbus to move large aircraft components. This aircraft made its first flight on July 19, 2018.

Airbus Beluga XL

Airbus Beluga XL Capacity

With more than 20 years of reliable service, Beluga carries full parts of Airbus aircraft from various production sites throughout Europe to the final assembly line in Toulouse, France and Hamburg, Germany. Five Belugas aircraft fleets are operated by subsidiary Airbus Transport International (ATI) to transport aircraft, wing and tail parts for the Airbus aisle A320 and wide body A330 families, as well as parts for the A350 XWB.

ATI ensures a high level of customer satisfaction with loading, unloading and shipping that is designed to be fast, safe, flexible and reliable as demonstrated by more than two decades of successful operations worldwide.

Airbus Beluga capacity

Airbus Beluga XL Specs

Airbus Beluga has experienced an increase in design from existing components and equipment, the new Beluga XL based in Airbus from Airbus will combine newly developed elements including the lowered cockpit, enlarged cargo space structure, and modified rear and tail.

Beluga XL made its inaugural flight in July 2018. And the first service of this aircraft is planned to be operational in mid 2019. Initially Beluga XL will operate in parallel with the fleet of A300-600ST in stages until 2025.

The details of the Airbus Beluga XL specifications are as follows:
Capacity: 50,500 kg (111,333 lb) payload
Length: 63.1 m (207 ft 0 in)
Wingspan: 60.3 m (197 ft 10 in)
Height: 18.9 m (62 ft 0 in)
Wing area: 361.6 m2 (3,892 sq ft)
Aspect ratio: 10.1
Empty weight: 127,500 kg (281,089 lb)
Max takeoff weight: 227,000 kg (500,449 lb)
Fuselage diameter: 8.8 m (29 ft)
Cargo hold: 2,209 m3 (78,000 cu ft) volume
Powerplant: 2 × Rolls-Royce Trent 700 turbofan, 316 kN (71,000 lbf) thrust each
Cruise speed: 737 km/h (458 mph; 398 kn) , Mach 0.69 at FL350
Range: 4,260 km; 2,647 mi (2,300 nmi) at max payload
Service ceiling: 11,000 m (35,000 ft)

Beluga combines the ability to transport very large cargo with the speed and efficiency of Airbus A300-600 aircraft. This allows a short transport time for production, and a large main cargo deck minimizes the need for cargo decomposition, hardening and packaging.

The semi-automatic main deck loading system ensures easy and efficient cargo handling, controlled by Airbus Transport International trained crew that operates five Beluga aircraft fleets.

Airbus Beluga cockpit

Airbus Beluga XL Cockpit

Beluga maintains the same modern cockpit that operates worldwide in Airbus A300-600s and A310s. The aircraft is operated by three crew members consisting of two pilots and a cargo leader. The main instrument panel is equipped with six Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) displays which continuously provide clear and comprehensive flight information, navigation, and system monitoring.

Also included in the cockpit is a control for transportable heating modules that can be installed in the main deck cargo compartment. This module provides temperature-controlled conditions for sensitive loads carried by Beluga, including satellites and paintings.

Airbus Beluga XL Price

The average price of Airbus Beluga XL is US $ 238.4 million in 2018. Prices reflect the various options and configurations available for each model. Configurations and options that can affect prices include performance capabilities, design weights, engine choices, and selected adjustment levels.

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