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Boeing 777-200LR Specs, Interior, Cockpit and Price

Boeing 777-200LR Specs, Interior, Cockpit and Price – The Boeing 777-200LR is an ultra-long-range aircraft designed by the Boeing Company, United States to be the long-haul aircraft in the world. The aircraft program was originally known as 777-200X and was launched in February 2000. Work on the aircraft was stopped in October 2001 but resumed in March 2003.

The first Boeing 777-200LR flight took place in March 2005. In November 2005, this aircraft achieved a world record for commercial non-stop flights with a distance of 21,601 km (11,664 nmi) from Hong Kong to London Heathrow.

Boeing 777-200LR jetliner

Boeing 777-200LR Specs

The fuselage is built using aluminum alloys and composites. It displays a twin-aisle cabin configuration. The dimensions of the Boeing 777-200LR include a length of 63, 7 m, a height of 18.6 m, and a wingspan of 64.8 m. The aircraft is also equipped with tapered wingtip extensions to reduce takeoff distance, grade performance and fuel efficiency.

The Boeing 777-200LR has a retractable tricycle type landing gear supplied by Measco and Messieur Bugatti. The main landing gear is equipped with Honeywell Carbenix 4000 brakes. Initial activation of the brakes during transport uses brakes to the group alternating from just three wheels to minimize wear on the brakes. Two-wheeled nose and can be controlled. The rear axle control of the steering wheel is automatically connected to the steering angle of the nose gear.

Boeing 777-200LR specs

Boeing 777-200LR Engine and Performance

The Boeing 777-200LR is powered by two GE90-115BL turbofan engines developed by General Electric, which produce a thrust of 511 kN (115,000 lb). The engine is mounted in a pod under the wingtip just like any commercial aircraft.

The main fuel tank is installed in the wing torsion box with a spare tank and spikes on the inner side of the wing. The Boeing 777-200LR has an additional fuel tank in the rear cargo space to bring the total fuel capacity to 195,285 liters. This aircraft can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 945 km / h and cover a range of up to 8,555 nmi (15,843 km). The aircraft has a service sky of 43,100 ft.

Boeing 777-200LR cockpit

Boeing 777-200LR Cockpit and Avionics

The Boeing 777-200LR cockpit accommodates two pilots. The cockpit is equipped with an electronic flight information system of five 8 in (203 mm) liquid crystal screens, including two main flight screens, two navigation screens, and one engine indication and crew warning system (EICAS).

The central control panel between the two pilots has three multipurpose control units and a display unit for aircraft information management systems, information systems, flight management functions, thrust control and communication.

The Boeing 777-200LR has fly-by-wire control with flight envelope protection and pilot functions and automatic stabilization. The fly-by-wire system sends back-driven signals to the steering wheel and pilot control column to give pilots sensory awareness about automatic system activity. This aircraft has a triple-redundant digital autopilot and flight director designed by Rockwell Collins.

The Boeing 777-200LR avionics suite includes an ARINC 629 digital data bus that is connected to the main and standby navigation system. The navigation system includes ADIRS Honeywell air data and an inertia reference system with a six-ring laser gyroscope, Honeywell field impact avoidance system (TCAS) and global channel positioning systems for Honeywell 12 channel channels and BAE Systems. The aircraft is also equipped with Honeywell weather radars and Honeywell and Racal satellite communication systems.

Boeing 777-200LR interior business class

Boeing 777-200LR Cabin and Interior

The Boeing 777-200LR cabin has twin aisle configurations that can accommodate up to 317 passengers in 2 classes. The cabin is equipped with a flight crew rest area in the form of two beds mounted on the port side of the flight deck. An optional installation is the rest of the crew module on the lower floor. The crew rest module holds six beds and occupies the same floor area as a standard cargo pallet.

Boeing 777-200LR Price and Orders

The price of the latest Boeing 777-200LR is around US $ 346.9 million. The launch customer is Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), which received the first 777-200LR in February 2006. Until now the aircraft has been sent and operates with various airlines including EVA Airways, Air India, Qatar Airways, ILFC, Jet Airways, Emirates, Air Canada and Air India.

Qatar Airways signed an agreement worth $ 501 million with Boeing in July 2010 to obtain two additional Boeing 777-200LR. In November 2010, Boeing sent 777-200LR aircraft to Ethiopian Airlines. The airline received its fifth aircraft in September 2011.

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