Friday 3 January 2020

Lisa AKOYA Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Lisa AKOYA Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – Lisa AKOYA is a two-seat amphibious light sport aircraft designed and developed by Lisa Airplanes, France. This aircraft can operate on land, water and snow, designed in accordance with the American community for international standards of testing and materials (ASTM) F37 for lightweight sport aircraft. The aircraft specifications have been certified by the European air safety agency for very light aircraft (CS-VLA).

The first flight of the Lisa AKOYA aircraft took place in August 2007. The aircraft was exhibited for the first time at the AirVenture convention in July 2012 and entered service at the end of 2016. The main components of the aircraft were produced in France, Italy, Germany and Austria, while assembly and tests, and quality control were carried out in the Lisa Airplanes' last meeting hall.

Lisa AKOYA amphibious light sport aircraft

Lisa AKOYA Specs

The Lisa AKOYA fuselage is built using carbon fiber reinforced polymer composites such as high performance titanium and aluminum. Lighter airframe materials allow the aircraft to integrate more equipment, while ensuring high payload capacity. This aircraft has a corrosion resistant mechanical parts and external aircraft cover paint.

The Lisa AKOYA aircraft is equipped with hydrofoils Seafoils (shark fins) which will facilitate operation during takeoff and landing on water. Hydrofoils will also provide better tolerance for aircraft in rough sea conditions. The less float design, the hull and the steps improve the aerodynamics and flight performance of the aircraft.

Detachable anchors and hooks allow towing and lifting for storage or to stabilize aircraft on land. This aircraft also includes a 12 V power supply for charging electronic devices. Under-fuselage is equipped with a conventional retractable landing gear.

The aircraft is equipped with folding wings that allow the aircraft to park in smaller spaces and are easily transported by trailer. The overall dimensions of the Lisa AKOYA aircraft include a length of 7 m, a height of 2.3 m and a wing width of 10.9 m. Whereas when the wings are folded, the length is 7.9 m and the width is 3.90 m.

Lisa AKOYA specs

Lisa AKOYA Engine and Performance

The Lisa AKOYA is powered by a Rotax 912ULS flat four-cylinder piston engine. The engine can produce an output power of 73.5 kW (98.6 hp) for driving a three-bladed propeller. The aircraft consumes 5.6 L of fuel without 94-octane octane or 100 LL of gasoline for every 100 km.

Lisa AKOYA aircraft can fly with a maximum speed of 250 km/ hour. The flight range is 670 nmi (1,250 km) and has a climbing rate of 7 m / s. The maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of the aircraft is 650 kg (1,430lb) with a useful carrying capacity of up to 250 kg (550lb). This aircraft requires takeoff and landing distance of 200 m.

Lisa AKOYA Cabin and Interior

The Lisa AKOYA aircraft can accommodate two passengers in an adjoining seat configuration. The cabin offers some luggage space for storing luggage and recreational equipment. The aircraft has a unique interior design and can be adjusted to the user's taste. It features upholstery that can be adjusted in color. The color variations available include sea blue, light green, red-purple, white, and golden yellow.

Lisa AKOYA cockpit

Lisa AKOYA Cockpit and Avonics

The Lisa AKOYA glass cockpit is equipped with an altimeter, Mode-S transponder, air speed indicator and VHF radio with intercom. It has a length of 170 m and elbow width 130 m. It integrates with the glove compartment and side pocket within reach.

The aircraft has dual flight controls and is equipped with an electric canopy with a release system that opens and closes quickly for entry and exit. Electrical actuation from landers and surface selector gives pilots visual and audible warning to prepare for landing.

Lisa AKOYA Price

The price of Lisa AKOYA amphibious light sport aircraft is around US $ 350,000. Since the aircraft was shown at AirVenture in July 2015, Lisa Airplanes's company claims to have had about 100 orders.


  1. Since it's sale to China in 2013, where is the Lisa Akoya..?? Does it even exist anymore.? It's been a decade now with no updates.

  2. Yes, it would be very interesting to know where the design is today…collecting dust, being redesigned, on it’s way to production or being kitted…?…. Thanks!