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Tecnam P2010 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Tecnam P2010 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – The Tecnam P2010 is a single-engine, four-seat lightweight aircraft manufactured by Tecnam, an Italian manufacturer of light sport aircraft. This aircraft was first launched at the 2011 Aero Friedrichshafen event held in Germany. This can be used in a variety of operations including personal and business transportation.

The first Tecnam P2010 flight took place in April 2012 at the Tecnam Capua production facility in Italy. This aircraft was certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in September 2014 and the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification in December 2015.

Tecnam P2010 light aircraft

Tecnam P2010 Specs

The Tecnam P2010 fuselage has an aerodynamic structure made of all carbon fiber materials. The aircraft has a high wing structure made of metal and is based on NACA63A aerofoil. The use of carbon fiber in the fuselage will provide fuel efficiency, while the metal wing provides strength and stability. Overall aircraft dimensions include a length of 7.9 m, height 2.7 m, and a wingspan of 10.3 m. It has a wing area of ​​14.6 m2 and a diameter of 1.88 m.

The aircraft's wings are designed with partial tapering which makes it close to the optimal lift distribution (ellipse). The aircraft is equipped with an all moving horizontal type tail (stabilator) which allows for excellent control and longitudinal stability. The aircraft's main control is the conventional type which is operated by a control wheel and steering wheel. Flight controls also include hydraulic brakes, caster nose wheels and parking brakes.

Tecnam P2010 is equipped with a fixed tricycle type landing gear designed to minimize drag. The aircraft propulsion system is a fixed two-blades propeller and can also be installed with a three-variable blades, depending on the engine option used.

Tecnam P2010 Engine and Performance

The Tecnam P2010 is powered by a single Lycoming IO-360-M1A engine that can produce an output power of 180 hp or Lycoming IO390-C3B6 with an output power of 215 hp and 2,700 rpm rotation. The engine has four cylinders and a double magneto ignition system. Two integral fuel tanks installed in the wing box at the rear of the main spar with a total fuel capacity of 210 l.

Tecnam P2010 aircraft can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 136 km / h and have a maximum range of up to 1,222 km. The maximum aircraft takeoff weight is 1,160 kg, landing weight is 1,157kg, and empty weight is 710 kg. The aircraft has a service ceiling of 4,572 m and a climbing rate of 5.3 m / s at sea level. The landing distance is 200 m.

Tecnam P2010 cockpit

Tecnam P2010 Cockpit and Avionics

Tecnam P2010's cockpit is equipped with the Garmin G500 avionics. The cockpit is equipped with a 6.5 in. Liquid crystal display and multifunctional display capability to display all flight information to the pilot. It is also equipped with a magnetic compass, GMA 340 audio panel, avionic circuit breaker panel, and GTX 328 transponder. The latest version of the Tecnam P2010 is equipped with the latest generation Garmin G1000 Nxi IFR twin screen display, the new Flat-Panel Suite with integrated GFC700 autopilot.

The cockpit also features indicators for HIS air velocity attitude, vertical speed, outside air temperature (OAT), actual air velocity (TAS), ground speed, wind direction, heated pilot system, and ELT Remote Switch / Annunciator. In addition, the aircraft is equipped with audible stall warnings, stabilizer trim position indicators, and handheld microphones. It also has five types of antennas, which include Beacon Markers, transponders, VHF / GPS, NAV antennas, and emergency locator transmitters.

Tecnam P2010 interior

Tecnam P2010 Cabin and Interior

The Tecnam P2010 cabin can accommodate 4 passengers including the pilot in a two-row seating arrangement side by side. The cabin is designed to provide comfort for pilots and passengers. The cabin has a modular design that is designed to use analog or digital instrumentation packages. Overall, the cabin has a length of 3.13 m, width 1.14 m, and luggage compartment with a volume of 2.5 m³.

Tecnam P2010 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Tecnam P2010 aircraft is around US $ 350,000. The company has received more than 40 orders since it was introduced in April 2011.

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