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Skycraft SD-1 Minisport Specs, Cockpit, and Price

Skycraft SD-1 Minisport Specs, Cockpit, and Price – SD-1 Minisport is a one-seat ultralight aircraft manufactured by Skycraft Airplanes, US. This aircraft was designed by Igor Špaček from the Czech Republic, then assembled and manufactured by Skycraft in accordance with ASTM regulations for light sport aircraft at its factories located in Orem and Provo in Utah. The SD-1 Minisport aircraft conducted its first flight test in May 2014. It is available in rear wheel drive and tri-gear configurations.

Skycraft SD-1 Minisport aircraft

Skycraft SD-1 Minisport Specs

The airframe from SD-1 Minisport is made with wood, carbon fiber and composite materials. Wooden frame bodies integrate removable wings. Wing and tail ribs are made of extruded polystyrene. The overall dimensions of the aircraft include a length of 14.27 ft, height of 5 ft, wingspan of 19.62 ft, wing area of ​​65.66 ft², horizontal tail span 6.43 ft, and horizontal tail area of ​​10.23 ft². The base diameter of the wheels and main gears are 3.54 ft and 11.81 inches respectively. The aircraft has 285 lb of empty weight and a useful payload of 295lb. This can take a maximum pilot weight of 230 lb.

The SD-1 Minisport aircraft has a single-seat cabin with a height of 40.5 in, width 20.5 in, and legroom 43 in. It combines genuine leather interiors and can carry a maximum rear luggage load of 23 lb. The aircraft is equipped with an optional Galaxy GRS 6/375 ballistic parachute which has a minimum deployment height of 210 ft, a weight of 24.9 lb, and a drop rate of 21 fps. Parachute has a repackage time of six years.

Skycraft SD-1 Minisport interior

Skycraft SD-1 Minisport Engine and Performance

The SD-1 Minisport aircraft is powered by the Hirth F-23 engine which can produce a power output of 50 hp at 6,150 rpm. This German-made engine has a two-step configuration with a combustion capacity of 521 cc, and includes dual ignition and fuel injection. This machine drives a tri-bladed hostage propeller. The engine has a 1,000 hour repair time (TBO). This aircraft has a fuel capacity of 34l (9 gal) and uses 91 Octane automotive fuel or 100 LL with TCP additive fuel with Bluemax premem oil with 90: 1 comparison.

The SD-1 Minisport aircraft can fly at a cruising speed of 160 km / h and a maximum speed of 190 km / h. Maneuvering speed and minimum aircraft speed are 156 km / h and 80.5 km / h, respectively. The aircraft has a maximum range of 660 km, a service ceiling of 14,000 ft, and a climbing rate of 900 fpm. The distance required for take-off aircraft is 800 ft and has a durability of 4.1 hours.

Skycraft SD-1 Minisport cockpit

Skycraft SD-1 Minisport Cockpit and Avionics

The SD-1 Minisport cockpit is equipped with the Dynon SkyView instrument panel integrated with the Dynon avionics. The avionics suite includes air speed indicator, altimeter, compass, vario, and slip indicator. It also includes a collision avoidance system and Dynon COM Radio. It comes with two-channel monitoring and GPS-based frequency. It also includes a fuel and power management system, which will provide audio and visual warnings when fuel and power are low.

The cockpit is also equipped with a tachometer, heat meter, and a power management system with audio warning. This aircraft has a navigation feature and landing lights, while the instrument lights up to fly at night. The aircraft also has a personal tracking beacon which can be used to quickly notify search and rescue in the event of an emergency. The auxiliary port in the cockpit allows residents to listen to the iPod without interrupting radio communication.

Skycraft SD-1 Minisport Price

The price of the latest Skycraft SD-1 Minisport aircraft is around US $ 54,850. The operational costs required to fly this aircraft are under $ 15 per hour.

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