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Searey Elite Specs, Cockpit, Range, and Price

Searey Elite Specs, Cockpit, Range, and Price – Searey Elite is a amphibian light sport aircraft designed and manufactured by Progressive Aerodyne Inc SeaRey. This aircraft was launched in Tavares, Florida in January 2014. This is a development version of its predecessor Searey aircraft that first flew in November 1992. Searey Elite aircraft received airworthiness certification from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in December 2013. Currently being produced at the Progressive Aerodyne facility in Tavares, Florida.

Searey Elite amphibian light sport aircraft

Searey Elite Specs

Searey Elite aircraft have sophisticated hulls made of carbon fiber. It was also equipped with a Lexan windshield optical shield, and high wings with a tail dragger. The wings of the plane are swept back on the leading edge with straight ends to form tapered wings. This aircraft has a landing gear that can be pulled to allow a smooth landing on a grass runway that has not even been repaired. The aircraft's tail wheels ensure safer takeoff and landing on crossings.

The dimensions of the Searey Elite aircraft include a length of 6.8 m, height of 2 m, and wingspan of 9.4 m. The wing area and range of the main wheels are 14.7 m² and 2.34 m, respectively. aircrafts have an empty weight of 449 kg and a maximum gross weight of 649 kg, and can carry a load of 200 kg. Airplane takeoff rollers on land are 81.7 m and landing roll on the surface is 99 m. Takeoff/ landing rollers on water measuring 107 m.

Searey Elite specs

Searey Elite Engine and Performance

The Searey Elite is powered by a Rotax 914 ULS engine that produces power of 115 hp (86 kW). The engine is mounted above the wing, which is supported above the fuselage by a vertical pole. The engine drives a composite three-bladed propeller and has a 2,000 hour overhaul (TBO). The aircraft is also equipped with an electric main fuel pump, a backup fuel pump and a 12 V battery.

Searey Elite can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 169 km/ h and a normal cruise speed of 158 km/ h with 75% power. It has a service ceiling of 5,486 m and can rise at a rate of 5.6 m/ s at sea level. The aircraft has a maximum range of 610 km with 30 minutes of fuel reserves.

Searey Elite Cabin and Interior

Searey Elite aircraft have a spacious cabin with two side-by-side configurations. The cabin has a width of 1.1 m and a height of 0.89 m. The cabin is equipped with a luggage compartment that offers a payload volume of 13 ft³. Baggage compartment has the capacity to carry 23 kg of cargo. The cabin can be accessed through individual double sliding canopies that can be opened or closed during flights.

Searey Elite cockpit

Searey Elite Cockpit and Avionics

Searey Elite aircraft have an ergonomic cockpit with 112 cm wide elbow room. The cockpit is equipped with comfortable and soft seats. The electronic flight instrument system (EFIS) of the avionics suite includes warning for gear, warning angle of attack, and low fuel warning with audio and visual output. The aircraft is also equipped with a Garmin GTX 327 transponder, Garmin 696 GPS system, electric trim lifts, electric hull pumps, and drain plugs. The instrument panel and cockpit can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

Searey Elite Price

The price of the latest Searey Elite amphibian light sport aircraft is around US $ 169,000.

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