Saturday 23 November 2019

Gulfstream G700 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Gulfstream G700 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – Gulfstream G700 is the latest long-sized twin-engine business jet manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace based in the United States. This business jet was first launched at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in Los Angeles in October 2019. This will be the longest variant currently produced by Gulfstream.

The Gulfstream G700 business jet combines ultralong range, speed and proven performance with flight-deck innovation and the latest cabin creation. The aircraft has carried out lab tests for 14,000 hours, including engine speed, load calibration, ground vibration testing, and structural element evaluations.

Gulfstream G700 business jet

Gulfstream G700 Specs

The Gulfstream G700 fuselage has a low wing monoplane design based on the G650 variant. The fuselage has swept wings with wings at the ends. The overall dimensions of the aircraft include a length of 33.48 m, a height of 7.75 m, and a wingspan of 31.39 m. This aircraft has an optimal take-off weight of 48,807 kg and a load capacity of 2,896 kg.

Gulfstream G700 has the highest, widest and longest cabin with the range and speed capabilities developed by Gulfstream Aerospace. it uses avionics-based systems to monitor and control engine performance, take-off and landing, and safety measures.

Gulfstream G700 Engine and Performance

Gulfstream G700 is powered by two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines that can generate 18,250 lbf of thrust each. The Pearl 700 engine was developed specifically for this business jet, the engine is equipped with a four stage high efficiency low pressure turbine (LPT) and a new ultra slim-line nacelle. The engine produces a 12% higher thrust-to-weight ratio with 5% fuel efficiency.

The Gulfstream G700 business jet can fly with a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.925 (1,142 km / h) and a maximum cruise speed of Mach 0.9 (1,073 km / h). The aircraft has a cruising altitude of 51,000 ft (15,545 m) and a maximum range of 7,500 nm (13,900 km)

Gulfstream G700 interior

Gulfstream G700 Cabin and Interior

Gulfstream G700 has a long cabin with five living rooms that can accommodate up to 19 passengers. The cabin interior can be configured into a waiting room or crew compartment, dining / conference room, and master bedroom. Designed with a major emphasis on lifestyle and space, this cabin offers the lowest cabin height in its class and is suitable for arranging meetings and dinners.

The Gulfstream G700 cabin is equipped with a sophisticated circadian lighting system that integrates white and yellow LEDs. A total of 20 panoramic oval windows are installed on each side of the cabin to provide natural light to the living room and increase passenger visibility. This lighting system can reduce the impact of passenger jet-lag.

Overall, the Gulfstream G700 cabin has a length of 19.41 m, a width of 2.49 m, a height of 1.91 m, and a luggage compartment with a storage volume of 5.52 m³. The cabin features artificial intelligence (AI) and ergonomic design and is also equipped with Jet ConneX Ka-band Wi-Fi.

Gulfstream G700 cockpit

Gulfstream G700 Cockpit and Avionics

The Gulfstream G700 business jet is equipped with Honeywell Symmetry Flight Deck which is equipped with an integrated touch screen controller for system control, flight management, communication, checklists, and weather forecasts. This aircraft has a next generation flight management system (NGFMS) that is optimized for future air traffic management (ATM) which helps improve operating cost efficiency. The cockpit is equipped with active control Sidestick to reduce the workload of flight crew during long flights.

Other systems mounted on the Gulfstream G700 cockpit include an enhanced battle vision system with a double head-up display, synthetic vision with a double head-up display, and a primary flight display. A predictive landing performance system was also installed to enable safe landing.

Gulfstream G700 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Gulfstream G700 business jet is US $ 75 million. Qatar Airways is a customer launch of the G700 aircraft, as many as ten jets have been ordered for Qatar Executive charter services in October 2019. The aircraft will be delivered in 2022.


  1. For just 74,999,999.99 bucks

  2. Gulfstream in Brunswick, Georgia test flew the G700 today over my chimney @ about 500 feet and about 2 miles to the BQK airport with longest runway on the coast. Retired Navy Air Station Glynco. Passed over us every 5 minutes at what I imagine was the top rated speed of 685 mph @ Mach 0.90. Could not hear approach and was gone with little sound much more than a WHAM. Fascinating. 2 1/2 hours steady without a stop circling out over Atlantic Ocean and then back westward over my house. WHAM ! Just above the Pine tree tops. Beautiful plane.

    1. That seems unlikely since it's illegal to fly those speeds at 500 feet. And I can't see any reason to endanger the lives of the crew and the safety of the airplane doing something so reckless.

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