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Embraer E170 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Embraer E170 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – The Embraer E170 is a commercial aircraft with a capacity of 70 passengers belonging to the E-Jet family produced by Embraer, Brazil. The E170 was launched in June 1999 and made its maiden flight in February 2002. It obtained Brazilian, US and European certification in February 2004 and entered service with the Polish LOT airline in March 2004.

The E170 is the first member in the E-Jet family developed by Embraer. In addition to the aircraft, other members of the E-Jet family include E175 (78 passengers), E190 (98 passengers), and E-195 (108 passengers). Embraer has launched a program to improve E-Jet aircraft, including the E170. To reduce fuel combustion by 5%, the aircraft is being added with new wingtips, system improvements, and aerodynamics.

Embraer E170 Jetliner

Embraer E170 Specs

The E170's fuselage has a low-wing monoplane design with a podded engine mounted under the wing. The wingtips are equipped with winglets to reduce the pull of the vortex end and provide increased lift and increase wing efficiency. Overall, the Embraer E170 has a length of 29.90 m, a wingspan of 26.00 m, and a height of 9.85 m.

The E170 aircraft's fuel tanks are located on both wings. The tank has a maximum capacity of 9,470 kg and is equipped with the Parker Hannifin fuel system. The remote variant ERJ-170 is equipped with an additional fuel tank mounted in the trunk compartment.

The fuselage has front and rear doors on both sides, allowing passengers to get on and off with simultaneous service. This aircraft has a one-point refuel for ten minutes and under-wing engines can be serviced from the ground without a stand.

The landing mechanism of the E170 aircraft is equipped with a retractable three-wheel type Liebherr landing gear. Each unit is equipped with twin wheels. For takeoff, the aircraft requires a runway with a minimum length of 1,261 m. The minimum base width needed for a 180 ° turn is 18.04 m.

Embraer E170 Engine and Performance

The E170 is powered by two General Electric turbofan engines of type CF34-8E mounted under the wing. Each engine is capable to provide a maximum thrust of 14,200 lb. The engine is controlled by a full authority digital engine control (FADEC). A fully computerized flight management system that optimizes engine performance in each flight phase, thereby reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

The maximum speed of the E170 aircraft is 0.82 mach (871 km/ h). The E170 can fly to a maximum height of 41,000 ft and a maximum range of 3,982 km at long distance cruising speeds and with full passenger seating. The aircraft is able to operate between the city pairs of Dallas to Halifax, Paris to Moscow, Hong Kong to New Delhi, and Brasilia to Caracas.

Embraer E170 Cockpit

Embraer E170 Cockpit and Avionics

The E170 aircraft is equipped with an all-digital cockpit that is integrated with a lightweight modular-architecture avionics suite. The Avionics Suite includes Honeywell Primus Epic Electronic Aviation and Information Systems (EFIS) with five LCDs to display all flight data.

Flight control of E170 is a computer control with fly-by-wire technology. All aircraft flight mechanisms are controlled with this technology, except for ailerons.

Embraer E170 Interior

Embraer E170 Cabin and Interior

The E170 aircraft cabin can accommodate 70 passengers. The cabin has a four-parallel configuration with a double-double seat arrangement, thus providing wider aisle and seating access with 81 cm seat pitch. The interior of the E170 aircraft was designed by C&D Aerospace.

Embraer E170 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Embraer E170 aircraft is around US $ 42 Million. At present, 193 Embraer E170s have been ordered and are operating with various airlines throughout the world, including Alitalia, British Airways City Flyer, Switzerland, GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS), US Airways, LOT Airlines, PB Air, Air Caraibes, Republic Airways Holdings, Finnair, TAME of Ecuador, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Egyptair, Virgin Blue, Air France Regiona, and Virgin Nigeria.

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