Thursday 1 August 2019

Kestrel K-350 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Kestrel K-350 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – Kestrel K-350 is a single-engine turboprop aircraft that can accommodate six to eight passengers produced by Kestrel Aircraft, based in the United States. The K-350 will burn less fuel and will be able to land on grass and short strips / gravel.

New Kestrel turboprop aircraft are being developed at Kestrel centers located in Superior and Brunswick, USA. The design will be based on the F1C3 prototype, developed by Farnborough Aircraft in 2006.

Kestrel K-350

Kestrel K-350 Specs

The Kestrel K-350 will be built with composite that combines carbon fiber. Carbon fiber composite construction is claimed to allow lower drag shapes than all-metal construction. This wing is also made of carbon fiber and has a high laminar flow design. It will have large windows, large doors and wide aisles. The interior of the aircraft will show more space decorated with natural materials.

The Kestrel K-350 aircraft will be equipped with trailing-link type landing gear and large tires, which will ensure a smooth landing on non-paved and short strips.

The aircraft will have a takeoff weight of around 3,856kg (8,500 lbs) and an empty weight of around 2,359kg (5,200 lbs). This will have a maximum fuel that can be used 976kg.

Kestrel K-350 Engine

The Kestrel K-350 aircraft will be equipped with a Honeywell TPE331-14GR engine developed by Honeywell Aerospace. The new aircraft will be equipped with ASC-II blades built with carbon structures.

The engine will have an aluminum structure with two centrifugal compressors and a cooled turbine blade. It will have two batteries including one lithium-ion battery. The power output will be 1.759p, which will be an average of 1,000shp. Time between Repairs (TBO) will be more than 5,000 hours.

The Kestrel K-350 will have a maximum cruise speed of 593km / h (320kt). The maximum operating height is 9,449 m (31,000 feet). This will require a minimum runway length of 762 m (2,500 feet) to take off.

Kestrel K-350 interior

Kestrel K-350 Cabin and Interior

The Kestrel K-350 aircraft cabin will be an advanced composite structure. This will provide executive seating for six to eight passengers. The cabin management system (CMS) and environmental control system (ECS) will be installed on the aircraft.

The cabin is equipped with club seating arrangements, toilets, and luggage compartments in pressurized areas. In the cockpit, the side window pillars are removed for the unobstructed view of the pilot.

Kestrel K-350 features executive interiors with glowing wood veneers, upscale leather, wide aisles and large oval cabin windows. The materials to be used for cabin interiors will include upscale Alcantara leather and exotic African wood.

Kestrel K-350 cockpit

Kestrel K-350 Cockpit and Avionics

The Kestrel K-350 aircraft cockpit will feature an instrument panel with avionics and sidestick controls. The flight deck will offer high visibility with well-designed ergonomics. It will be equipped with special avionics, which will include one intuitive panel.

Pilots will be able to get acquainted with aircraft systems, weather conditions, aircraft configurations, approach maps and flight planning information.

Kestrel K-350 Price

The latest Kestrel K-350 price is around US $ 3.2 Million.

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