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Airbus ACJ320neo Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Airbus ACJ320neo Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – Airbus ACJ320neo is the longest single-aisle business jet in the A320 family produced by Airbus. ACJ320neo is developed based on the popular A320neo aircraft. The development of the company's jets includes features such as additional fuel tanks in the cargo space that will provide more intercontinental range, plus greater cabin pressure for better passenger comfort. ACJ320neo successfully completed the first flight for two hours and 40 minutes from Hamburg on November 16, 2018.

Airbus ACJ320neo

Airbus ACJ320neo Specs

Airbus ACJ320neo is based on the commercial variant of the Airbus A320neo. It has an overall length of 37.57m, a height of 11.76m and a wingspan of 35.8m. This aircraft has Sharklets with 2.4m high wing tips that save fuel by reducing drag and increasing take-off and landing performance. Sharklets reduces fuel combustion by 4%, which corresponds to an annual reduction of 900 tons of CO2 emissions per aircraft.

Airbus ACJ320neo Engine

ACJ320neo is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW1000G or CFM Leap-1A engines. Wing-mounted Sharklets to produce 15 percent fuel savings, which also means a forward leap for business jet operators. This business jet can fly as far as 6,897 miles at speeds of up to Mach 0.82 (around 614 mph).

It consists of ACJ320neo which can fly 25 passengers 13 hours or 6,000 nm / 11,100 km, and ACJ319neo which can carry eight passengers 15 hours or 6,750 nm / 12,500 km, giving it the ability to connect London to Beijing or Moscow to Los Angeles.

Airbus ACJ320neo melody interior

Airbus ACJ320neo Interior and Cabin

The Airbus ACJ320neo cabin has a length of 27.74 m, has a width of 3.7 m and a height of 2.25 m. The cabin's dirty floor area is 96m². The average cabin height of the aircraft is 6,400 feet. With the large cabin, the Airbus ACJ320neo can accommodate up to 25 passengers. This aircraft contains heavy-duty carbon fiber on the desk and cupboard and includes a 650ft bagasi of luggage space to accommodate up to 138 large suitcases.

The interior of the Airbus ACJ320neo cabin is equipped with a harmonious melody curve feature, designed for a quiet and comfortable environment. It has a simple kitchen, lounge and 65in curved television screen on the front of the plane. The entertainment facilities in the cabin include a modern home cinema with a large screen television, featuring ceiling speakers for the best acoustics. Wi-Fi is also available.

The spacious cabin has a private main bathroom with separate bathroom, shower and sink. Has a spacious bedroom with a large double bed and a sofa, while also has a conference room and dining room in the main lounge, which can hold up to six passengers.

Airbus ACJ320neo cockpit

Airbus ACJ320neo Cockpit and Avionics

Airbus ACJ320neo cockpit is equipped with a digital glass cockpit. It also features improved fly-by-wire control protection, a 3B automatic landing category and runway runway prevention, and an airport navigation system on board.

Airbus ACJ320neo Price and Orders

The latest Airbus ACJ320neo price is US $ 115 Million. ACJ received the first order from Acropolis Aviation, Farnborough, in May 2015 for 19 seats Airbus ACJ320neo aircraft. The business unit also arranged to supply six aircraft with the Melody cabin in December 2016. The first Airbus ACJ320neo aircraft, with a newly designed cabin melody, was sent in January 2019. The Aviomlux Aviation group booked three aircraft in February 2016 and the first aircraft shipments were in 2019.

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