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Embraer Legacy 450 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Embraer Legacy 450 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – Embraer Legacy 450 is a mid-light business jet developed by Embraer Executive Jets. The aircraft was launched with the Legacy 500 business jet at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in May 2008.

The mock-up of the Embraer Legacy 450 was displayed at the National Business Aviation Association Convention in Orlando in October 2012. The aircraft received FAA certification and type certification from the Brazilian Civil Aviation Agency in August 2015. The European Aviation Aviation Agency (EASA) certification was granted in September 2015.

Embraer Legacy 450

Embraer Legacy 450 Specs

Embraer Legacy 450 is designed to offer exceptional comfort and performance with low operating costs. Has a length of 19.15 m, a height of 6.74 m and a wingspan of 20.25 m.

The aircraft is being produced at the Embraer plant in São Paulo, Brazil. Metal plane composite structures and horizontal stabilizers are being built at the Embraer Evora facility in Italy.

Embraer Legacy 450 Engine

Embraer Legacy 450 is powered by two HTF7500E engines produced by Honeywell. Two machines each produce around 6,080 lb of maximum thrust. This engine features a Fluidlastic mount developed by LORD Corporation. The first engine test was completed in August 2010. The critical design review (CDR) for the aircraft engine installation solution was completed in October 2011.

The aircraft can sail at a speed of 893 km / hour. The airplane service ceiling is 14,000 m. The maximum range is 2,900nm (5,370.8km). The plane's takeoff distance is 1.524m, while the landing distance is 609.6m. The takeoff weight of the aircraft is 17,690kg.

Embraer Legacy 450 interior

Embraer Legacy 450 Cabin and Interior

Embraer Legacy 450 cabin has seats for seven to nine passengers. It was designed in collaboration with BMW Designworks USA. It features a 1.82m stand-up cabin with flat floors.

The cabin has a width of 2.08m, a length of 6.83m and a volume of 20.4m³. All cabin seats have the option of lying down and turning. The middle club chair can be used as a full berth. This aircraft has wide windows located right next to the seat.

Cabin facilities include an internal baggage compartment of 40 feet. The aircraft also has an external main luggage compartment with a volume of 110ft³.

Embraer Legacy 450 cockpit

Embraer Legacy 450 Cockpit and Avionics

Embraer Legacy 450 has an integrated Pro Line Fusion avionics flight deck suite developed by Rockwell Collins. High-speed computers and side stick controls mounted on the flight deck give pilots the advantage of easy response, greater control, and increased cockpit comfort.

Avi flight decks include four 15.1 high resolution screens in the synthetic vision system (SVS) and a head-up guidance system (HGS). The aircraft has full fly-by-wire flight controls, advanced surveillance and flight technology security, as well as increased situational awareness.

Embraer Legacy 450 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Embraer Legacy 450 is US $ 15 Million. The first Embraer Legacy 450 was sent to LMG in December 2015. Embraer signed an agreement with AirSprint to ship up to 12 Embraer Legacy 450 jets in July 2016. The first aircraft was sent in December of the same year.

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