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Cessna Citation CJ4 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Cessna Citation CJ4 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – The Cessna Citation CJ4 business jet first flew as a production model on August 19, 2008. The Citation CJ4 prototype flew for the first time only three months earlier on May 5, 2008. The aircraft achieved FAA type certification in March 2010. In May 2011, the aircraft was certified European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Cessna Citation CJ4

Cessna Citation CJ4 Specs

Citation CJ4 is certified to eight passengers and two crew members. The aircraft also has a Venue cabin management system by Rockwell Collins, maintains electronic entertainment and controls the cabin cooler and heating environment.

A Citation CJ4 production model with the right cabin made its debut at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) trade show in October 2008. Citation CJ4 is basically a stretch version of CJ3 and tracks its roots back to the Cessna Citation 525 series launched in 1989 to replace Citation and Citation 1 and now include Cess Citation 1 to CJ1.

Cessna Citation CJ4 Engine

The Citation CJ4 is powered by two Williams FJ44-4A turbofan engines, each of which produces 16,11 kN of power. This machine is equipped with a full digital engine control system (FADEC) that allows for automatic operation, reducing pilot workload. The length and diameter of the machine are 1.34 m and 0.64 m, respectively. The dry weight is 294kg.

Cessna Citation CJ4 can fly with a maximum speed of 839km / hour. The distance is 3,708 km and the service ceiling is 13,716m. The takeoff and landing distances are 954m and 823m, respectively. This aircraft weighs around 4,646kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 7,688kg.

Cessna Citation CJ4 interior

Cessna Citation CJ4 Cabin and Interior

The 5.29m long Citation CJ4 cabin is usually configured for six passengers but is certified for eight passengers, plus two crew members.

Interior Citation CJ4 has six club center seats with two seat seats opposite the entrance and bonded toilet seats. Each large and luxurious seat tracks forward, back and side and can lean horizontally in several configurations. The lockable external luggage compartment can be loaded with 1,000 pounds of large total weight capacity.

The next-generation management suite and entertainment suites include those featuring quality home theater media center devices. The integrated system allows selecting passengers from entertainment media such as CDs, DVDs and MP3s. The auxiliary input interface allows installation of an iPod or similar device. XM Radio is also available for passengers. Next to each main cabin seat is a container for a portable color LCD screen (16: 9) with adjustable arm holder.

Cessna Citation CJ4 cockpit

Cessna Citation CJ4 Cockpit and Avionics

Cessna Citation CJ4 is equipped with Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics, which combine flat panels, liquid crystal displays for pilots and co-pilots. Both aircraft models have FADEC and are certified for one pilot operation.

Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite is provided with enhancements, including FMS (flight management system) v4.0 allowing WAAS (wide area augmentation system) capabilities and IFIS (integrated flight information system) v6.0 to provide display improvements, temporary flight restrictions and information higher.

Cessna Citation CJ4 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Cessna Citation CJ4 is around US $ 9.4 Million. In July 2011, the first CJ4 Citation was sent for charter operations in Germany.

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