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Ilyushin IL-62 Specs, Jet Engine, Cockpit, and Price

Ilyushin IL-62 Specs, Jet Engine, Cockpit, and Price – Ilyushin IL-62 is the first intercontinental intercontinental jet produced by the Russian Flight Complex Ilyushin. Over the years, it has become a mainstay of the Soviet civil air fleet. This aircraft is capable of flying in adverse weather conditions, at any latitude and anytime day or night. The airline has completed 8,500 flight hours since it was founded in 1967 with regional and intercontinental flights on the Aeroflot route.

The first flight of Ilyushin IL-62 was carried out on January 2, 1963 with the pilot test being V.K. Kokkinaki. Ilyushin IL-62 has undergone flight certification in accordance with ICAO international airworthiness requirements for civil aircraft and has been operating regularly on Aeroflot's local and international flights since 1967. Ilyushin IL-62 aircraft broke five world speed and reach records in 1977. Ilyushin production IL-62 ended in 1990, when 292 aircraft were produced.

This aircraft has two variants, Ilyushin IL-62M and Ilyushin IL-62MK. Ilyushin IL-62MK is a medium-range passenger aircraft that has strong wings and landing gear to operate with greater gross weight. And Ilyushin IL-62M is a plane equipped with four Soloviev D-30KU turbofan engines. This aircraft can carry five crew and 174 passengers. It features luggage and containerized transport systems, which are damaged wing spoilers and modern flight decks.

Ilyushin IL-62

Ilyushin IL-62 Specs

Ilyushin IL-62 has a loading room, dual mechanical flight control, tail support actuation and wheel brake. It also consists of an electric motor for incident tailplane control and a hydraulic nosewheel steering.

The aerodynamic design of the Ilyushin IL-62 wing and T-shaped tail reduces mass. The design is based on the British VC-10 aircraft. Ilyushin IL-62 is equipped with flight control navigation equipment that includes an automatic control system, manual control system and the main parameter control system.

Ilyushin IL-62's main landing gear is positioned before the aircraft's center of gravity when empty, which allows to reduce the horizontal tail surface area. For parking and land transportation operations from empty aircraft, the designer introduces a retractable tail landing gear, which makes loading and unloading of the aerodrome easier, and can be done in any order.

Ilyushin IL-62 can reach heights varying between 8,000 m and 12,000 m. It has a service ceiling of 13,000 m and a maximum durability of 35,000 hours. This aircraft weighs around 67,500 kg and the maximum takeoff weight is 161,000 kg.

Ilyushin IL-62 specs

Ilyushin IL-62 Engine

The aircraft is powered by four Kuznetsov NK-8-4 turbojet by-pass engines. Each machine can produce a thrust of 10,500kg. Four engines on the rear of the aircraft reduce the noise level in the cabin, increase passenger comfort, and reduce the possibility of fire on the boat due to the remoteness of the engine from the fuel tank. With the engine Ilyushin IL-62 can go up at a speed of 5.3 m / s. It has a maximum speed of 900 km / h and cruising speed of 850 km / hour. The normal range is 7,550 km and has a maximum range of 9,200 km.

Ilyushin IL-62 cabin

Ilyushin IL-62 Cabin

The Ilyushin IL-62 aircraft consists of two pressurized cabins separated by a lobby and cabin crew rest area. The cabin has three toilets, a buffet and a bar. This can accommodate 186 passengers. This aircraft has a semi-monocoque cross section of the passenger body and an ergonomic passenger door. It also comes with a six-parallel seating arrangement for standard international flights.

Ilyushin IL-62 cockpit

Ilyushin IL-62 Cockpit and Avionics

Ilyushin IL-62 uses Automatic Direction Finder and Doppler navigation radar to monitor its position and speed. Other avionics include dual radio altimeters, automatic radio transponders, tannoy cabin systems and intercoms, friend identification or enemy transponders, emergency evacuation systems, automatic flight control systems, instrument landing system receivers, global positioning systems, and vertical receiver omni-directional radio range .

Ilyushin IL-62 Prices and Orders

The price of one Ilyushin IL-62 aircraft is US $ 51.2 Million.


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  2. This plane is absolutely not based on the VC10. They look similar, but the wing design is completely different