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Airbus A330-200 Jet, Review, Seats, Specs, Cabin, and Price

Airbus A330-200 jet review

Airbus A330-200 Jet Review

The A330 Family – which incorporates Airbus' exceptionally proficient A330-200 offers the most open cabin of any widebody aircraft in its class, taking into account a scope of cabin inside conceivable outcomes. Profiting from more than 20 years of continuous steady innovation, the A330 is the most current and dependable group of aircraft in the sky. Ordinarily flying around 247 travelers, it very well may be custom-made to convey upwards of 406 – giving a quality solution to each course today and later on.

Airbus A330-200 Seats and Cabin

The A330-200's seat contribute can be adjusted units of one inch, while galleys, latrines and stowage regions can be situated in various numbers, groupings and locations – giving fantastic adaptability to administrators of this widebody Airbus jetliner. The twin-aisle widebody aircraft furnishes all travelers with a bounty of personal space, and the advanced cabin considers 18-inch wide seats that can bring a dimension of solace and relaxation to long-haul flights, even in economy. A330s likewise give the calmest cabins in their class, while encompassing lighting options add to the A330-200's upscale and tasteful plan and help diminish the impacts of jetlag.
Airbus A330-200 seats

The A330-200 can offer travelers the most present day fourth-generation in-flight excitement, including video-on-demand, and in addition cell phone and email connectivity by means of satellite.

Indeed, even the longest flights can fly by with a scope of options to make the time spent on load up as unwinding and pleasant as could be allowed. Travelers can sink into a motion picture of their decision and even keep in contact with what's going on the ground underneath, giving a custom fitted traveler encounter that suits everyone from youngsters to grown-ups and occasion goers to business explorers. Holding up until the finish of an imperative trip to send or get essential messages can be a relic of times gone by.

The A330-200 continues to be a reliable and proficient administrator that benefits travelers and carriers alike. Its commonality with individual individuals from the A330 Family and different Airbus aircraft creates efficiency investment funds through preparing and support. Like all Airbus aircraft, it utilizes the revolutionary fly-by-wire advanced control framework. With an operational efficiency of 99.4 percent, it's no wonder that carriers trust the nature of the A330-200's plan. It is likewise a perfect supplement to its sister aircraft: the all-new A350 XWB.
Airbus A330-200 cabin

For longer-go ventures, the aircraft can be fitted with agreeable team rest zones that can be expelled in around 50 minutes should the aircraft should be streamlined for shorter courses. These rest zones can contain seven bunks and don't affect the space given to travelers. Guaranteeing that cabin team are all around rested gives them a perfect workspace and ideally puts a grin all over when they are caring for travelers.

Expanding on the demonstrated achievement of its prominent widebody A330 Family, Airbus authoritatively propelled the A330neo (new engine option) jetliner – containing the A330-800 and A330-900 versions – in July 2014.

As the newest individual from the A330 Family, the A330neo is a really present day aircraft that shares the estimations of Airbus' market-driving widebody product offering: unrivaled cost-efficiency for carriers and prevalent solace for travelers.
Airbus A330-200 specs

Airbus A330-200 Specs

Length (m)
Wingspan (m)
Height (m)
Wing area (m2)
Maximum take-off weight (kg)
230 000 - 233 000
Maximum landing weight (kg)
182 000
Operating empty weight (kg)
120 500
Maximum zero fuel weight (kg)
170 000
Maximum payload (kg)
49 500
Standard fuel capacity (litres)
139 000
Range with max payload (km)
12 100
Cruise speed (km/h)
Maximum operating altitude (m)
12 500
Take-off field length (m)
2 220
Landing field length (m)
1 750
GE CF6-80E1A3,
2 x 72000 lb
P&W PW4168A,
2 x 68000 lb
R-R Trent 772,
2 x 71100 lb
Cabin Data
Passengers (1-class)
Passengers (2-class)
Passengers (3-class)
Cabin width (m)

Airbus A330-200 Price

The average price of Airbus A330-200 is US$ 238.5M in 2018. Price depends on design weights, engines choice and level of selected customisation.

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